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Our Syntek product line features XFT, a complete fuel treatment system with award-winning chemistry that provides multiple benefits, like increased fuel economy and reduction of harmful emissions.


XFT-the Product Intro

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XFT is a break-through product, which produces results in four key categories:

  • Saves money on fuel
  • Prolongs engine life
  • Reduces emissions
  • Increases horsepower


Africa and Syntek Global Opportunity

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  1. In your introduction and explanation of the product, you are silent on the compensation plan and the various level that one can start as a distributor. I believe you should be able to shed more light and answer some basic questions that people will have about the business. You have done a thorough job by explaining what the product does, however you need to talk more about the dynamics of the business and have it on your distributors site.

    1. Hi ROTIMI,

      Thank you for the observation. We decided to reserve the information
      for interested partners who attend our seminars, because there are
      lots of information that cannot be disseminated on this platform.
      We are working on the best way to include the very important ones.

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